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“Make hay while the sun shines” is one of those old sayings that I’ve come to live by. For 4 years, I’ve not had a car of my own, so I’ve had to get really efficient with my time with the car. It’s a challenge, but in a way, it’s also been a great lesson. Now that I have the All-New Ford Mondeo, for the #fordthinking challenge, I’m able to get things done and really tick off some big things on my to-do list. Woo!

Why Being Efficient Makes My Home Happier on Style for a Happy Home // Click for more

Having worked for myself for a long time, I love to write a list of what needs to get done and making efficient trips with the car is no different. The excellent boot space that the Mondeo offers was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, so I made a list of the things worth getting done before hitting the road!

The list:

  • Pick up double pram no longer needed
  • Go to the gym during the day
  • Take double pram to St Kilda Mums
  • Find and purchase folding chairs for the tutti fruity party

The list was too big for just one day, so I split it in two. I’d heard that St Kilda Mums (a charity that assists people in crisis who need baby goods) had a waiting list for double prams, so I had asked a family member if they would mind if I could take their (no longer needed) double pram and give it a good home, they said yes, and I organised to collect it. Double prams are beasts, but it fit in boot with room to spare!

Then it was time to really make the most of having the car, with a dash over to my gym to do a good workout. I love going in during the day as it’s a little less busy and the sun streaming in the windows just makes it that little bit more fun and the space feels bigger! The gym is now one of my happy places, and it was awesome to get the workout done!

Why Being Efficient Makes My Home Happier on Style for a Happy Home // Click for more

Early the next week, it was time to pack the car with the double pram after giving it a spruce up, and make the trip up to St Kilda Mums for drop off. It was a surprisingly easy drive up the Nepean Hwy and the GPS guided me though the parts of St Kilda I’m not familiar with. Backing in to one of their parking spots was a breeze with the parking sensors beeping me in. The coloured guide on the screen is always handy too!

The pram drop off was so quick and efficient I decided to stop and take a photo of Luna Park before heading south again. Nothing says St Kilda, quite like Luna Park! Beach Road brings back memories of my first corporate job and the commute all the way across the bridge and back. It was nice to know that I wasn’t in a hurry and I could just enjoy the drive.

Why Being Efficient Makes My Home Happier on Style for a Happy Home // Click for more

Next stop was Officeworks for 10 folding chairs that I’d seen were on clearance. One of the staff kindly offered to pop them in the boot for me and was surprised with all the space! (Everyone loves this boot, seriously!) Two 15kg boxes and two loose chairs later, and I was on my way again. Getting them out of the car and into the house was a breeze too! Clearly all my strength work is paying off, because the 15kg boxes felt light! (haha!)

Why Being Efficient Makes My Home Happier on Style for a Happy Home // Click for more

They were all big jobs that had been on the to-do list, and by writing them out and choosing to do them in the most efficient way, they didn’t feel so tricky and they were able to be ticked off the list once and for all. Both being able to help St Kilda Mums in a small way and getting the chairs for the party have made my home feel happier. Sometimes it’s just feeling like you’re on top of things that makes all the difference!

Source: www.kidspot.com.au

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